While she’s put on the spot, she probably try to say something high like $300

While she’s put on the spot, she probably try to say something high like $300

All you have to do rebuttal, say no but I have $150 cash (if your max is $250). She may try to ask for slightly more like $200, if so, go for it but if she says no. Usually it works because cash tips are best. Now she’ll ask if you have condom. A place (or woman) that does this all the time will leave the room after payment and bring back her own condom. If not, this is why you should bring your own just in case.

If you didn’t bring some, tell her to use latex glove on the counter, because oddly enough, plenty places have latex gloves for cleaning, and they work just as good

You failed to make her comfortable enough to want to please you. She would be trying to get you to hurry up, pump her quickly and finish. She’ll even try to grab your erect penis and guide you in. You should want to woman to first suck you, then proceed to get on top or best free hookup apps Anaheim tell you get up while she bent over. In this case, you can take all the time you need as long as you didn’t come during rush hour or early afternoon. Always come in evening or night, preferably late night. When you finish, they often offer to take the condom and throw it away for you. If they supplied the condom, say no and flush it yourself later.

If you supplied it, then let them if they want. If she wasn’t clock watching, then she was actually into you and probably came or was trying to actually get pleasure from it too. You’ll know if she did, because if she’s slow to get dress afterward because she’s tired, she probably came several times and you did a good job. If not, she’ll hurry up get dress, be glad you finished. If she looks at the condom while switching out the position, seeing you didn’t finish, she’ll prob ask you to lie back down after 10min and pull it off in order to rub and tug your finish. If she finished, be sure to thank her, hug her on your way out and accept the water offered.

Now next time, if same person is there, she’ll remember because they rarely enjoy it themselves, it’s usually all business.

Also, forgot to mention. As you walk in, don’t be discourage by cameras or signs saying they are professional because oftentimes, for the right price that is irrelevant.

Usually young women 20s-30s are the ones that offer full service. Older or out of shape fat women tend to only offer rub tug. So that’s a clear red flag. However, if they offer table shower, and it’s late night or late evening, there may be someone younger in the back. So the older lady would guide you to room and a younger one will appear to service you.

Try not to go on busy days like fridays or saturdays because that’s when the price is usually higher since people just got paid.

If she undress and tells you get up so she can lay down

Another sign, if they lock the door behind you as you walk in is another sign, they’ll rub and tug. Also if they are wearing a dress, skirt or short tights, then they’ll prob offer full service. If you see them with pants on, just walk out lol. If she has shoes on, don’t get too handsy. Usually it’s better when they have on slides or flip flops.