They did almost nothing to help him

They did almost nothing to help him

«Mr. Ortiz was classified as a sex offender, and a New York law barred him from living within 1,000 feet of a school while on parole.»

«Prison officials would not let him go until he identified a suitable address. Mr. Ortiz served an extra 25 months because he could not find a place to live. He wanted to return to New York City, where his mother and daughter lived. But most of the city was off limits because almost all residential areas are within 1,000 feet of a school. [There is] ‘a cruel Catch-22’ for people classified as sex offenders, Allison Frankel wrote in 2019 in The Yale Law Journal Forum, because corrections officials will ‘not release them from prison until they obtained approved housing, but their poverty, disabilities and sex-offender registration status made finding housing impossible.'»

«Prices at the pump already top four dollars a gallon in some states, and Joe Biden’s approval rating stands at just forty-two per cent. so it’s easy to see. «

«. why the prospect of another rise in prices would Oasis Active review alarm some people in the White House. But, with Russia’s government reliant on energy exports for about forty per cent of its income, the moral argument for cutting off these mammoth revenue streams is hard to counter. ‘The world is paying Russia seven hundred million dollars a day for oil and four hundred million dollars for natural gas,’ Oleg Ustenko, an economic adviser to the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, told me, in a telephone interview from Kyiv this weekend. ‘You are paying all this money to a murderous leader who is still killing people in my country.'»

«Spies in Russia’s infamous security apparatus were kept in the dark about President Putin’s plan to invade Ukraine, according to a whistleblower who described the war as a ‘total failure’ that could be compared only to the collapse of Nazi Germany.»

«A report thought to be by an analyst in the FSB, the successor agency to the KGB. said the FSB was being blamed for the failure of the invasion but had been given no warning of it and was unprepared to deal with the effects of crippling sanctions. FSB officers had been ordered to assess the effects of western sanctions, they said, but were told that it was a hypothetical box-ticking exercise. ‘You have to write the analysis in a way that makes Russia the victor. otherwise you get questioned for not doing good work,’ they wrote. ‘Suddenly it happens and everything comes down to your completely groundless analysis.'»

That makes it sound as though the spies are trying to save their ass by saying that before the invasion they were trying to save their ass. We weren’t wrong, we were deceptive, and we didn’t think it would matter. We did bad work, yes, but it was all because we wanted to meet your standard of doing good work.

«A Russian gymnast has been placed under investigation for wearing a ‘Z’ symbol linked to support for President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine on his leotard while sharing a podium with a Ukrainian rival. «

«[Ivan] Kuliak wore it in place of the Russian flag, which had been banned by the governing body of gymnastics. The symbol, which has been used as a designation on Russian military vehicles deployed in Ukraine, has become a symbol in Russia of support for Putin and the war. The Russian Defence Ministry has previously issued a statement saying that ‘Z’ means victory.»

If would be trivial and not worth saying, but because we are talking about symbols and victory, I will add that the Ukrainian gymnast, Kovtun Illia, won the gold. The Russian was on the podium to pick up the bronze.