The Third, Fourth And Fifth Battles Of Bull Run

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12 de julio de 2022

The Third, Fourth And Fifth Battles Of Bull Run

«Hey Room, I Have A Question. «

About 20 minutes before this comment, Tab had asked the room if you can lay new carpet on top of old carpet and got a resounding no from most of the room (it was pretty hilarious, going off on different tangents, etc). As Suzy and others pointed out, she has a bad habit of asking questions when she really doesn’t want to hear most or any of the answers. So then this. now call me jaded (not the roomie named jaded, i mean jaded jaded) but I have a gut feeling she is itching to ask the room some type of question about this AA battery washed incident. knowing her chat style (lack of), lets ponder what indiancupid log in ones she could possibly ask.

1. Does this void my washer or dryer warranty? 2. If the acid leaked out, will i get poisoned? 3. Is there anything that could have washed down the drain that will poison the environment? 4. If #3 is yes, will the EPA be able to track where that came from and charge or fine me? 5. If #4 is yes, will they be able to tell it came from MY washer? 6. Is this how acid washed jeans are made? 7. (When she is asked if the battery actually shows any kind of damage) Why does that matter? 8. If the battery isn’t visually damaged, can i still use it in the remote or will it ruin it? 9. How long does the battery need to be in the dryer to completely dry?

When she realizes it’s actually a AAA battery and not a AA, she repeats all of the above questions just to make sure it doesn’t change anything.

With Our Luck, He Probably Has A Snooze Alarm

forevernamasti3 and now a nap sounds so good hypnosexray138 it does WaiJustaCora no she isnt, I just imagined her making a post illona2000 wai! WaiJustaCora hypnosexray138 not gonna happen but i’d like one jadeddremer hey, y’all hypnosexray138 lol i’m watching mtv illona2000 hi jaded lyns hypnosexray138 jaded** forevernamasti3 hi jade illona2000 ltns BunnyBhut you are mean BunnyBhut to meMake someone’s chat text extra-fabulous. Use the Fruity Text Power. hypnosexray138 i don’t know any of these people WaiJustaCora I wasnt mean, I was playful hypnosexray138 i’m officially uncool now and that is just fine with me WaiJustaCora jadeddremer llona, hey* BunnyBhut ok daughter took pregnancy test, it said she didnt have to wait until morning BunnyBhut she is not pg illona2000 hi! BunnyBhut which is good jadeddremer hyp, nam illona2000 bunny yay jadeddremer bhut, one of mine is dinobots1975

About three or four times during a typical work day, I’ll peek into the room to see what’s happening and a lot of times i’ll watch a few minutes too long and scurry to get back to the job at hand. Inevitably however, there are also a number of times when i’m watching that Trollbore will suddenly pipe up about President Imbecile(his worn out term, not mine) and like that way too early alarm clock in the morning, you wanna smack it to shut it up. Not defending Trump here but this amoeba can’t talk about anything else. can you imagine living with this?

«So how was your day» «Fine until President Imbecile tweeted» «Ok, so what do you want for breakfast?» «Anything other than what President Imbecile had» «Any meetings today?» «I have four scheduled, but if I find out any of them were morons and voted for President Imbecile, I will free up some of my time for golf» «Where will you be golfing?» «Anywhere President Imbecile has never been or owned» «So a municipal course then?» «Possibly, but if their clubhouse is showing President Imbecile on TV I will leave» «Ok well have a nice day» «I can’t, President Imbecile tweeted about Clinton again and that rankles me»