Make sure to check out the FAQ page regarding any information you may have about this year’s MTBR AZSF

Make sure to check out the FAQ page regarding any information you may have about this year’s MTBR AZSF

MTBR Arizona Spring Fling 2010

This page will be continually updated, so please continue to check it. Below are the ride levels that we are using this year, A, B and C and their description, along with the rides and party info. For ride levels, see the FAQs page above. The map link is another good resource for those out-of-towners that want information about camping and bike setup suggestions.

The goal of this year’s AZSF is to allow more people to ride in more locations. We have more riding options this year than in any year before. This is not to spread out the groups but rather to give people more options. Another reason why we organize this unique gathering is for the post-ride gatherings, we all want to chat and what better place to do that than after a great ride. All too often we do not have the chance to meet people on the trail or at the local race. This is your chance to ride and then relax around a campfire, bar, cookout, keg, outside of Bike n bean or other post-ride gathering location mentioned below. We encourage you to come join us this year.

This year, we are starting the Arizona Spring Fling off with the biggest Pre-Fling party ever. We have all levels of riding in 4 different cities, almost all require some light, so make sure to bring charged up lights and/or extra batteries. The sun tends to set at 7:00pm in March.

Directions:We’ll meet at the old-railroad grade on the left side of Iron Springs road. This is before the OHV area, so if you reach that you’ve gone too far. The railroad grade is about a mile up Iron Springs Road past the Granite Basin turnoff, and directly opposite of that is trail 332 (Circule Trail). The general ride plan will not change drastically, as we’ll probably ride up to trail37 for the descent on 40 into Granite Basin, but this makes for a better meeting-spot with easier bail-options.

I’d make this a B ride, one serious climb in the beginning, good descent to start it off after the climb, then gradual descending, followed by gradual climbing, with a shorter steeper climb at the end. It’s

Meeting place/time/details: 5:00pm FIP No lights required, yeah! Meet in the parking lot west of the zoo entrance and ride around the golf course, buttes, hole in the rock and go south beyond the jumps. 14ish miles of riding. Post-ride gathering will be organized and discussed after the ride.

Arizona Spring Fling 2010 March 10-14

When: Wednesday, Meet: Walgreens, 3624 N Power, Mesa, AZ 85215 (meet in the back of building-west side. Please bring lights and cameras, we will catch the sunset. Ride: This is a “B” ride where we will be riding the standard Hawes loop with sunset views at the top of mine. Post Ride: We have the options

When: Wednesday, Helimech can help out Epicrider Dale on this ride if need be? Meet: Aunt Chilada’s, 7330 North Dreamy Draw Drive, Phoenix, Arizona 85020 Meet in the south parking lot. Directions: Ride: This is an technical “A” ride where we will be dropping down the Hailball DH, one of the most technical trails in the Phoenix Mountain Preserves and we will be doing it at night! We will start and end the ride at Aunt Chilada’s. The route will be about 6-miles long and will take about 2 hours to complete the loop. The ride includes 1/4 mile 300 ? hike-a-bike climb to get to the top of Haiball. At which point we will strap on the armor. Then the next mile we drop 600 ? over some really great super chunkness and then short HAB then the fin al drop down the Super Chutes to end the ride. Bike: best hookup bars Buffalo 6 ? All m outain bike that can climb a little works best. Also bring Armor! Post Ride: We will party in the patio at Aunt Chilada’s with Margaritas and food. Aunt Chilada’s is bike friendly and we can park our bikes in the patio if yo udo not have secure way to hide or lock you bike in you car