Jill: «You’ll manage my absolutely nothing friend here, would not your?

Jill: «You’ll manage my absolutely nothing friend here, would not your?

They’d taken the fresh new runners whose quantity was really prior to and you can adopting the sheik’s child so the Passion siblings you certainly will change him or her

Patty Cantwell, students in the a personal all the-girls school, was strangled immediately after arguing with her buddy Liz and you can threatening to help you declaration numerous children toward dean. Your face of one’s college turns towards Angels to track on the offender. Kris goes undercover because students, with Kelly and you will Sabrina as the educators and Bosley as the an excellent stablehand. Kris and you will Bosley find about three female loading a large crate for the good van nearby the shuttle depot. Bosley after says this to help you repairs man Victor Hoagland, even so they discover his van was empty. Donna Rossiter, a horrible and you will elitist pupil, harasses Kris and you will alerts the lady never to share with anyone exactly what she has seen. Kelly grabs Donna’s buddy Bo Fleming cheat with the an English try, however, gains her faith because of the going for to not ever in public present the lady tips. Kris learns you to definitely her roommate, Cissy Canfield, features a ring that was missing out-of Patty’s individual consequences. She discovers you to definitely Cissy are an excellent kleptomaniac. Donna, Bo, Liz and you will Cissy are offering drugs and alcohol from the stables. Donna bullies Liz and you may accuses this lady regarding destroying Patty. Whenever Bo tells this lady to back down, Donna records the girl with the dean to own cheat. Bo basic thinks you to Kelly ratted on her behalf, then accuses Liz. Anyone tries to strangle Liz you to night, but she actually is able to fight the lady assailant. Bosley discovers this new cage into the girls’ hide. Donna overhears him talking to the fresh new Angels; she establishes the newest stables ablaze with Kris, Sabrina and you can Bosley involved into the. They refrain, consequently they are able to help save this new horses. It realize Donna is actually responsible shortly after discovering that the lady horse has been eliminated and fastened in the a secure venue. Kelly discussions with Winner on the their part on girls’ design; the guy instantly acknowledges which he strangled Patty since the she addressed him rudely, after which grabs Kelly. After training you to Donna place brand new flame, Bo and you will Cissy break free of the girl dictate and you will know one she are blackmailing her or him. Donna states one Winner helped them since the she got discovered that they are the new strangler. Bo informs Sabrina and you may Kris you to she spotted Winner push out that have Kelly. It chase immediately after his jeep, and you can Kelly can untie herself and you can bail out. Kris addresses Winner, and you can Bosley makes a beneficial access to a good tractor to store Donna off fleeing the view. Charlie sends someone so you can Acapulco because the a reward because of their good work.

Brand new Angels ask Charlie to run background records searches with the Twilliger and Millicent Krail, a cynical Tv journalist who accuses Twilliger out of Buradaki yorumum exploiting the students ladies in brand new competition

A woman converts on Angels to own let shortly after a few men for the face masks kidnap the girl friend while in the a jog. She shows you which they wanted to enter into Twilliger’s Twenty, a beneficial ten-distance highway race organized because of the an activities outfits manufacturer. He has got offered to pay twenty female $one thousand for each having completing the fresh new competition, with an advantage prize from $5000 toward champ. The newest Angels and Bosley check out the and discover about three users and a masculine pal behaving in a really suspicious styles. Other competition hides a massive snake in her own backpack. The latest child of a wealthy sheik claims into running brand new race to tackle the goals want to be a western. New guys from the goggles nab the second athlete. Kelly and you can Kris try to enter the competition to check on something aside, but two sisters have easily seemed to fill the brand new vacant areas. They refuse an offer so that Kelly and you will Kris run in its lay and give them the cash. Kris and you can Kelly slip for the competition wearing bogus quantity, and you may Kelly observes the fresh new van that can have been working in the new kidnapping. The fresh trio that behaved mysteriously until the competition had been plotting using its director to put on a track and you can dancing «audition» with the adult cams during the an interview which have Millicent. Their towards serpent offers an on-air connect with the Snake Pit eatery. Charlie finds out the Activity siblings provides a criminal history, and that the newest van is part of 1 of 2 boys who is in a strategy together throughout their amount of time in the fresh new Navy. The fresh new kidnappers cure the new lost athletes out-of during the a facility. The brand new Passion siblings make an effort to make sheik’s girl, but Kris concludes her or him. Kelly chases the fresh van straight back for the Sabrina and you can Bosley, and additionally they push brand new guys to lead them to one other lady. They planned to kidnap the woman and demand an enormous ransom money.