He was close because of his breathing and all the sexy noises he was making

He was close because of his breathing and all the sexy noises he was making

I told him to relax as I spread his legs apart. He was lying face down on the bed, and I slowly entered him from behind. He was very tight, and I thought it was normal because it was his first pegging experience. I got aroused, and I couldn’t wait to put the whole penis inside him.

He was moaning and groaning with pleasure. I told him to let me know if it was painful, and I’ll stop.

But I knew I had to be careful

I finally had the whole dildo inside him, and I started to push and pull faster. His asshole was beginning to adjust to its size, and soon, I could feel him relax. I pulled out and told him to change position. This time, I wanted us to do it doggie-style.

I could see his butthole looked a bit sore, so I applied more lubricant and told him to relax. Then I grabbed his hips, raised his ass, and slowly re-entered him. As soon as I had the whole dildo inside him, I started pounding on him. Once in a while, I would slap his butt, and he would moan in delight.

I was aroused, and I started playing with my clit as I continued to push and pull inside him. I withdrew from him, and I told him to lie on his back.

Now I was on top of him, and I let him suck my tits and caress my breasts. I put more anal lube on the dildo and told him to lie down, spread his legs, and raise his butt with his hands. He did as I told him, and once again, I slowly entered him.

It felt so good because I could feel his balls brushing my pussy every time I pushed and pulled inside him. There were moments when I would slowly pull out and enter him again with one swift push.

I grabbed his rock-hard cock and started masturbating it while pushing and pulling out of him. Tim was moaning and groaning with ecstasy. I felt his anal muscles contract, and as he screamed with orgasmic pleasure, his warm white cum spurted out of his cock and into his stomach. I licked the warm liquid, and his body shuddered.

He was still panting when I https://hookupdate.net/tr/milfaholic-inceleme/ took out the dildo, which he grabbed from my hand. I watched as he put it around his waist and put some lube on it. He guided me into the doggie-style position, and as his hands squeezed my breasts, he entered me from behind with the dildo.

I slowly put the dildo inside him in a gentle push and pull movement, just like he does when he’s giving me anal sex

It felt so good and wet as the lube mixed with my vaginal juices. Tim shoved it inside me, and it reached my G-spot. I was tingling all over, and as he pushed it again, I climaxed. I let out a scream and collapsed on the bed.

He took off the strap-on and lay down beside me. I put my head on his shoulder, and he hugged me close to his warm body.

He smiled and said, “It was one of the best orgasms I ever had. That dildo felt good inside me, and I could feel my muscles stretched to accommodate its size. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but the lube made the whole process painless. Once my ass adjusted, I started to enjoy every push and pull until I got the prostate orgasm.”